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About the Farm

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We, Ryan and Rachel,  did not grow up on a farm, but we are thankful that our kids, Asa and Taurin, get to. Our family farm has a wonderful sense of community,  endless open spaces to play and explore, and offers us the ability to be a part of something that is much bigger than seed, soil, and sweat. We are grateful and feel blessed to farm this beautiful land.


We cannot believe we have been farming for 12 years now. What a fun and challenging road it has been. We are thankful for the community around us that supports small farms. We raise our glasses to many more years of regenerative agriculture that will heal the soil and our bodies.



We have a rock star crew this year and are feeling very thankful for that. We will try to find a moment to take a photo of all of them together and post it here someday soon. Stay tuned.


Our apple cider vinegar is something we are known for in the local area and we would love to extend our branches even wider to share its benefits with even more people. We are thankful for the many landowners who have leased their land to us so that we can access the wild apples that make our vinegar extra delicious.

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